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Pilings – Build Your Beach Home on a Firm Foundation!

June 22, 2015
Posted By: COXINDUSTRIES-dgrover News
Are you thinking of building a house near the beach? Whether you are building a waterfront home on Long Beach Island (NJ), Holden Beach (NC), or Amelia Island (FL), — or anywhere inbetween, the chances are that your house will be elevated on pressure treated wood pilings. pilling-img-1Remember when you first started visiting the beach and saw houses built on wood pilings with the cars parked underneath? They probably reminded you of those super tall people at the county fair walking around on stilts. But there is a reason for those pilings!

How pilings work

In fact, pilings, sometimes called timber piles, are the key to the foundations in areas where the water may come up onto the land. Pilings are driven down through the sandy soil to rest on solid ground or rock deep below the surface. From there they bear the load of your house. While concrete and steel are used for heavier buildings, most residential homes are built on wood pilings. Your docks and piers rest on marine construction grade pilings. Ocean front, bay front or inlet — the saltwater wreaks havoc on on anything timber, making treated pilings a requirement to meet code. Currents, tides, wind and storms all take their toll. So pilings must meet rigid codes.

Ask your builder for Cox Wood Pilings

pilling-img-2Cox Industries is the nationwide leader in pressure-treated timber piles for foundation, land, freshwater and marine construction. CCA-treated pilings are intended for use in saltwater areas. The preservatives used are all EPA registered and the pilings meet all AWPA specifications.

Safe and secure!

When you use Cox pilings you can rest assured that you are building on a firm and lasting foundation! Round wood pilings, when capped properly can last for up to 100 years! Enter your builder’s name and email here and we will send a link to more detailed information about Cox pilings!
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