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Cox Industries Releases iOS Mobile App v2.0

July 16, 2015
Posted By: COXINDUSTRIES-dgrover News
Orangeburg, SC — July 15, 2015 Cox is proud to announce the release of a new version of our mobile app, Cox Bookshelf v2.0. The app vastly improves the user experience for our customers who need real-time information while in the field. Here’s what you can expect when you pull up the new Cox PDF Library on your iPhone: There are cleaner graphics, a newer, more current look, and added capabilities such as the ability to share Cox PDF documents via AirDrop, to print documents from your iPhone and to open them in another application. We’ve added a thumbnails preview along with category filtering (displays just what you need!). This makes it easier to find and see what you are looking for. Second, we updated the built-in PDF viewer. Third, a new tool is the Span Chart for Deck Joist Span for treated floors.
Fourth, educational events for your CEU hours are no longer just items on a monthly calendar. Now events come alive, being integrated with a fully built-in calendar and navigation apps. Look through the events, register for those that are helpful, and then navigate how to get to the event– all of this right from the new app! If you are a customer looking to find the Cox wood dealer closest to you, the dealer locater no longer just shows a dealer on the map. It now integrates with the built-in navigation app, leading you through the traffic, bringing you right to the dealer’s door!
Maybe this is not a release on the magnitude of the Apple Watch release. But for those of you who live in the world of the finest treated wood products in the building industry, it doesn’t get much better than this new release of the Cox PDF Library. You can have the latest and greatest information right at your fingertips, any place, any time! Don’t be caught just wishing you were sporting the new and enhanced Cox PDF Library on your iPhone when you could download and show it off, leaving your friends wondering how you became such a building industry tech wiz overnight! To download the Cox Bookshelf app, please visit: Cox Bookshelf on iTunes.