Wood piling is a mainstay of foundation systems. Engineers and contractors depend on wood piling to perform its intended function in all kinds of structures, including manufacturing plants, processing facilities, and commercial buildings.


Timber Piles: Pressure Treated for Marine Construction

Innovative, heavy-duty treated wood solutions designed to withstand Mother Nature and protect what’s important: people and business.


Piling range in size from 6″ tip to Class B and is available in standard stock lengths from 10′ to 75′, manufactured per ASTM D 25 latest, and treated per AWPA specifications for use in foundation or marine applications. Typical treatments are .80#, 1 # and 2.5# CCA per cubic foot.


We are the largest manufacturer of pilings from 8’-90’, treated to AWPA specifications, serving foundation and marine construction trade. Large inventory of common foundation and marine pilings maintained including: ASTM D-25 Class B and Class A, 8” tip, and 8”-12” butt. Special sizes made to order.




Treatment Types

The chemical used to preserve DuraPine® Heavy Duty™ pressure-treated wood is a mixture of the oxides of copper, chromium, and arsenate known as CCA. The preservative has been formulated to render wood useless as a food substance for termites and fungi while keeping the wood attractive, clean, odorless, non-staining, and safe to handle when used as recommended