Timber Piles


Timber Piles: Pressure-Treated for Marine Construction

Innovative, heavy-duty treated wood solutions designed to withstand Mother Nature and protect what’s important: people and business.


Piling range in size from 6″ tip to Class B and is available in standard stock lengths from 10′ to 75′, manufactured per ASTM D 25 latest, and treated per AWPA specifications for use in foundation or marine applications. Typical treatments are .80#, 1 # and 2.5# CCA per cubic foot.


Cox Piling

  • Largest manufacturer of pilings from 8’-90’, treated to AWPA specifications, serving foundation and marine construction trade
  • Large inventory of common foundation and marine pilings maintained including: ASTM D-25 Class B and Class A, 8” tip, and 8”-12” butt
  • Special sizes made to order