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Durapine Columns™

Constructed of laminated timber made from high-grade, pressure-treated lumber, these columns are sturdy, long lasting, and a welcome alternative to solid timber, fiberglass, or aluminium columns.

DuaPine Columns by Cox

Since 1954, Cox has been the innovative leader in wood protection for families. Cox offers the rich, natural beauty of real wood combined with revolutionary treatment to protect against weathering and rot. It’s Cox thinking that makes good wood great.

DuraPine Columns™ are a step up. Traditional timber columns are prone to warping and cracking in a short period of time after installation. This can be exasperating for both the homeowner and builder. Laminated timber columns by Cox are lighter, easier to handle and much less likely to twist than traditional solid columns and they have the handsome appearance of veneer-encased timbers without requiring the extra construction time.

Laminated Timber Columns

DuraPine Columns™ are structural and can be used in place of fiberglass or aluminum columns to create a substantial cost savings. Cox square laminated timber columns are available in cross sections from 4x4 to 12x12. They are also available in two different styles of turned post in 5” and 6” sizes.

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DuraPine Columns™


DuraPine ColumnsTM are made from southern pine components joined with waterproof Resorcinol adhesive by a proprietary system.

Solid timbers, as they dry out, will twist and often develop unsightly cracks.


  • Attractive appearance
  • Lighter in weight
  • Ready for installation
  • Hollow core creates enhanced structural capability
  • Ability to conceal wiring in hollow core
  • Treated for ground contact
  • Limited warranty against damage from termites and fungal decay
  • Paint, stain, or coat without delay
  • Significantly greater load-carrying capacity than solid timbers for dimensions over 5x5
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