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Palmetto Primed Lumber

An environmentally sound, natural alternative to costly composite trim that maintains its structural and aesthetic integrity.

Since 1954, Cox has been the innovative leader in wood protection for families. Cox offers the rich, natural beauty of real wood combined with revolutionary treatment to protect against weathering and rot. Its Cox thinking that makes good wood great.

DuraPine Supreme and DurePine Columns are available with the next step in protection against the elements.

Palmetto Primed Treated Lumber is a premium product that is graded clear—two edges and one face with no wane—and treated with a non-arsenic based preservative that is environmentally safe. It undergoes kiln drying after treatment (KDAT), and is re-manufactured to a consistent thickness and width with square edges, and finally all six sides of Palmetto Primed Treated lumber are “encapsulated” with Sherwin Williams Top Quality Oil-Based Primer. (End cuts must be primed prior to installation to maintain warranty and to minimize call-backs.)

Oil-based primers on wood products greatly increase the durability of the substrate as recommended by the Forest Products Laboratory and Southern Pine Council.

Oil-based primers are vapor barriers and will prevent absorption of additional water into the board.

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