Drying / KDAT ServicesKDAT Treated Wood Services

When southern pine is pressure-treated, it is completely saturated with water and a liquid solution of copper azole preservative. As the wood dries out, it shrinks. The best place for this shrinkage to occur is at the treating plant under controlled circumstances, not in a deck or other outdoor structure after wood is installed. The answer is Cox’s KDAT treated wood services.

In the re-drying process (typically KDAT — Kiln Dried After Treatment), DuraPine treated wood is separated by space and exposed to a controlled air flow so the wood dries

Helps reduce cupping, twisting and warping
Dry pressure-treated lumber minimizes most shrinkage problems, and helps reduce warping, twisting, and cupping.

No delay before staining or coating
Re-dried pressure-treated wood can be coated or painted immediately without waiting the weeks or months recommended for wet treated wood to dry naturally.

Greater nail and fastener holding power
Fasteners driven or screwed into dry pressure-treated wood hold tighter and stay tighter.

Cleaner and lighter in weight
Drying after treatment reduces the weight of the lumber, making it lighter and easier to handle.

Environmentally sound
Re-drying assures immediate and maximum preservative fixation within the wood, providing a safe, clean, and environmentally sound product.

Meets building codes
For some applications, building codes require re-dried treated wood; DuraPine dry treated wood meets those requirements.

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