Cox Industries is the largest volume utility pole manufacturer in United States, serving a broad customer base including investor-owned, cooperative and municipal utility companies.


With manufacturing operations in nine states and reload yards nationwide, the company offers a broad range of products in a variety of wood species and treatment types. Services include storm response and recovery, product lifecycle management services, RFID-based pole inspection, and environmentally focused pole disposal.


Headquartered in Orangeburg, South Carolina, company operations are strategically located to efficiently supply commercial customers and utility companies.




Treatment Types

The chemical used to preserve DuraPine® Heavy Duty™ pressure-treated wood is a mixture of the oxides of copper, chromium, and arsenate known as CCA. The preservative has been formulated to render wood useless as a food substance for termites and fungi while keeping the wood clean, odorless, non-staining, and safe to handle when used as recommended.

DuraPine(Climbing Additive) poles are treated with a refined hydrocarbon oil emulsion in the outer layer of the pole following treatment with CCA. The viscous oil emulsion serves as a lubricant, making the pole easier to climb and to work on without affecting the preservative properties of the CCA treatment.

HD Penta has demonstrated outstanding performance for more than 60 years against fungal decay, moisture and termites. It has become a favorite among linemen for climb-ability. HD Penta is not considered to be a hazardous waste, so HD Penta poles can be reused and recycled in a number of ways.

Penta is the shortened name for the chemical preservative, Light Solvent Pentachlorophenol (Type C), which is dissolved in mineral spirits (a carrier) with a water repellent additive. Mineral spirits as the carrier evaporates rapidly producing a wood product that is clean and paintable.

DuraQ-CuNap is an 8% oil-borne copper naphthenate solution that is an EPA-registered, non-restricted use/general use preservative also adopted as standard for use by the AWPA (P36). The product is created from recycled copper and by-products of oil refining – making it green from the start.

Creosote is derived from the distillation of coal tar and is a restricted use wood preservative. Pesticide products containing creosote as the active.