UTILITY POLES - Douglas fir


Grown primarily in the northwest section of the United States...

Douglas fir has been a choice for investor owned utility companies and electric cooperatives for decades. Coastal Douglas fir is remarkably knot free, strong and light. It is considered to be one of the best known softwood timbers. Readily available in transmission and distribution sizes in lengths from 20 - 130 feet, sapwood is easily treated. With a long history of safe and dependable use, this material has been approved by ANSI, CSA and REA.


While a complete line of Douglas Fir transmission and distribution poles are in stock and available at our West Coast manufacturing facility, transmission poles are also in inventory at our east coast locations.


Lengths Available 30'-150'
Estimated Treated Weights of Selected Sizes

5/35' = 608#

4/40' = 888#

5/40' = 776#

3/45' = 1,228#

Fiber Stress (Table I ANSI 05.1) 8,000 PSI
Circumference of Selected Sizes


5/35' = 19"/29"

4/40' = 21"/33.5"

5/40' = 19"/31"

3/45' = 23"/37.5"

Conditioning (Table I ANSI 05.1)

Air Seasoning, Kiln


Sapwood Heartwood

2.0" - 3.0"






We pressure treat poles and piling with copper naphthenate under the DuraQ-CuNap brand. DuraQ- CuNap is EPA-registered “general use” preservatives and standardized for use by the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA). Let us show you how these products can create a greener utility pole program for your company.