UTILITY POLES - Southern Yellow Pine


Cox is the largest producer of Southern Yellow Pine Utility Poles in the United States.

With multiple treating facilities and dozens of distribution yards from coast to coast, we combine the manufacturing capabilities of multiple specialized production facilities and the expertise of an experienced company to provide readily available treated products approved under the Wood Quality Control (WQC) program. DuraPine Heavy Duty Treated Wood products have been a staple for the utility industry for decades.



Our utility poles are manufactured per ANSI 05.1 latest, in lengths from 20′ through 75’and classes from 1 to 9 depending on the length. These sizes are readily available from inventory in Southern Yellow Pine. Longer lengths are also available based by custom order: CCA, CCA Emulsion Treated and Penta preservatives are all available from our treating plants.


Our poles are supplied to domestic Investor owned utilities, rural electric cooperatives and municipals utilities. Plants located near the Ports of Wilmington, NC. Charleston, SC. and Mobile, Al. allow for active participation in the export market place.


We have wood quality control approved plants, and are able to provide independent inspection through any of the approved agencies.



Lengths Available 30'-65'
Estimated Treated Weights of Selected Sizes

5/35' = 755#

4/40' = 1,082#

5/40' = 939#

3/45' = 1,505#

Fiber Stress (Table I ANSI 05.1) 8,000 PSI
Circumference of Selected Sizes


5/35' = 19"/29"

4/40' = 21"/33.5"

5/40' = 19"/31"

3/45' = 23"/37.5"

Conditioning (Table I ANSI 05.1)

Kiln Drying,

Steam Conditioning

Sapwood Heartwood

2.5" - 3.5"





DuraPine Heavy Duty CCA

CCA Treated poles and crossarms are backed by a 50 year limited warranty against damage from termites and fungal decay. CCA treated wood poles are the traditional and advantageous choice for utility structures.


DuraPine Heavy Duty CCA (Climbing Additive)

Even though the use of buck trucks in recent years has reduced the need to climb poles, gaff penetration continues to be a concern for some users. The patented DuraPine CCA (Climbing Additive) pole combines the longevity and cleanliness of CCA poles with the climb-ability of oil-impregnated poles.


DuraPine Heavy Duty Penta

An industry standard for decades DuraPine Penta poles combine a history of performance, safety and lineman friendly characteristics.