UTILITY POLES - Western Red Cedar


Many qualities make Western Red Cedar ideal for utility poles.

Cedar provides excellent gaff penetration for secure footing. Cedar's heartwood produces chemical compounds called extractives that naturally resist decay, fungi and insects. Cedar's outstanding carrying capacity and flexibility allows poles to withstand extreme weight and severe weather conditions. Cedar's straight grain and uniform texture mean virtually no twisting after installation. This minimizes pole fracture caused by severe weather or mechanical damage. Pressure treating extends cedar's inherent long service life up to 80 years, with little or no maintenance.



Lengths Available 30'-125'
Estimated Treated Weights of Selected Sizes

5/35' = 464#

4/40' = 651#

5/40' = 581#

3/45' = 902#

Fiber Stress (Table I ANSI 05.1) 6,000 PSI
Circumference of Selected Sizes


5/35' = 19"/32"

4/40' = 21"/36.5"

5/40' = 19"/34"

3/45' = 23"/41.5"

Conditioning (Table I ANSI 05.1)

Air Seasoning,

Kiln Drying

Sapwood Heartwood

3/8" - 0.5"







We pressure treat poles and piling with copper naphthenate under the DuraQ-CuNap brand. DuraQ- CuNap is EPA-registered “general use” preservatives and standardized for use by the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA). Let us show you how these products can create a greener utility pole program for your company.